Me a couple of years ago when I was still dancing. Photo: Andreas Harnemo One question I get asked a lot is whether I miss dancing or not. My answer will always be not. Sadly. But I did everything I wanted to do, I choreographed artists, music videos, commercials, danced on huge stages with millions of people in the audience, teaching thousands of students, etc, etc. my goals where all fulfilled and I was done with it. One thing I also was super done with was the Swedish dance industry. In Sweden we don’t have “open auditions” and basically ALL auditions are “rigged” and the results are more or less already decided in advance, so if you’re not super buddy-buddy with the ones running the whole dance industry, you pretty much f*cked. I decided to work around that I put my heart and soul into creating my own gigs and opportunities. However, it’s because of all of my years working my *ss off, fighting for my worth (no one wants to pay for a dancer/choreographer) and always trying to stand out in a crowd (promotion, promotion, promotion!) that made me who I am today. I bet a lot of people see me now and think “wow, she’s really lucky to have come this far just by painting nails”, but remember that there’s A LOT of experience behind the painted nails, and not just as a nail tech. So no, I don’t miss dancing, but I’m super grateful for everything it taught me on the way.