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You can never get too educated. Spread the word!! READ THIS!! Let’s get this straight once and for all! The name “Shellac” is owned by the company CND. They were one of the first companies to create a mix between gel and nailpolish – gelpolish. If you’re asking a salon if they are doing “Shellac”, you are asking for a specific BRAND, not a general treatment. It’s like you’re walking in to a hair salong asking if they “do Wella” when you want to color your hair. The name for the treatment is called GELPOLISH. One of these brands are called SHELLAC. You should also be aware of salons using the name Shellac in the wrong way just to attract more customers, even though they don’t have the brand Shellac. Raise your hand if you now know the difference between asking for Shellac or asking for gelpolish! #shellac #educate #spreadtheword @cndworld