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I’ve already blocked one person today who was cleaver enough to “ask” the “how-do-you-wipe-your-ass-with-those-long-claws-question”. Seriously, do you think you’re clever/funny/the first one to ask this? Short answer: N.O!!!!!!!! And second, if you’re seriously wondering how to “wipe your ass with long nails”, I do NOT even want to think about how YOU wipe your ass using YOUR short nails! People, if your parents taught you to dig in there, using your NAILS to wipe away your “number two”, you need to have some serious talk with… a normal person…. showing you how to wipe your ass properly. And maybe also see someone who can teach you a little bit of manners… You do NOT, and I will say it again: NOT walk around asking random people about their ass hygiene. Please #usePAPERffs