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Next Top Nail Artist time!! Sitting here all alone at the salon and going crazy mania creative I’ve received a lot of awesome suggestions for our team name, and the ones I’m thinking of is if we should be team #nailinjas (like a mix of nail ninjas) or team #swedishnailmafia (of course you don’t have to be Swedish to be a part of the mafia ) or maybe a mix of both, #swedishnailinjamafia Comment comment comment!! (Oh, if you want to know how I made these bubbles, head over to my YouTube channel “YouTube.com/celinaryden” and subscribe and I’ll tell you in my next video ) #NTNA2015 #NTNAtop12 #NTNADashingDiva #DashingDivaPro #NAILSNTNA @nailsmagazine @cndworld @shmeth