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Ok guys, as I said, I want US to be a TEAM in this competition so I believe that “Team Swedish Nail Mafia” is the best one for us. (Thanks to “Serendipity Nails” on FB, please contact me with your Insta account and I’ll tag you in this post ) I’m so excited!! I have so much fun planned for tomorrow and I’ll of course let you be a huge part of it. You can also follow me on Snapchat (celinaryden) for more “behind the scenes”. Ok, here’s this week’s challenge: Week 1: Pure Diva (sponsored by Dashing Diva) A true diva loves getting her nails done. In the spirit of Dashing Diva, we want you to select a favorite diva and create the perfect set of nails custom designed just for her. The completed set must be done on 2 hands and must reflect the diva’s personality and what she is known for. You can use a mix of mediums to create this set, so long as the artwork is done on the actual nails and not on tips. Soooo, based on the bubbles, who do you think I chose? #teamswedishnailmafia #NTNA2015 #NAILSNTNA #NTNAtop12 #NTNACelina #NTNADashingDiva #DashingDivaPro @nailsmagazine @cndworld @shmeth