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PASTEL MANIA TUTORAL! 1. Before 2. Remove old material and prepare the nail 3. Pick out your colors, I used the pastel paints from Light Elegance 4. Start to apply the colors and cure 5. Add a second color and cure 6. Repeat this until the entire nail is filled 7. Build and file 8. Pick out a pigment or effect, I used Light Elegance “Gold Sparkle” from the Pretties Collection 9. Apply a thin layer of clear and cure, leave the sticky layer 10. Use a fan brush to apply the pigment 11. Add shine/gloss and pose What did you think of this tutorial? Did this help you? Are you going to try this design? If you like it, please support me by sharing ️ MY BLOG: celinaryden.se (now in english). FACEBOOK: fb.com/celinasnaglar. MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: youtube.com/celinarydén. SNAPCHAT: celinaryden. PINTEREST: celinaryden. All nails are made with Light Elegance hard gel, you can find out more about their products and where to buy it at WWW.LIGHTELEGANCE.COM or follow them at @lightelegancehq #celinasnaglar #lightelegance #lexygel #apex #nailsmagazine #nailpromagazine #nailartgallery #ghmanicure #nailprodigy #hudabeauty #allprettynails #vegas_nay #nailitmag @lightelegancehq #tutorial #nailtutorial #stepbystep #celinatutorial