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My journey in NAILS Next Top Nail Artist so far! First I made it to the top 24 and did my globe nails, then at top 18 I created my mural and did 3D for the first time! After making it to the top 12 the “real competition” started and we had to create something to express our feelings and emotions on making it this far – and Bob the unicorn was born The first real challenge ended up with crazy Gaga nails and after making it to the top 11 my Tim Burton chess piece was created. Now I’m in the top 10 and later tonight I’ll give you a sneak peek of the next challenge that you will be able to vote for tomorrow!! I’ll also give you the link to @nail_art_gallery where you can see the tutorial and the video tutorial will hopefully be done tomorrow as well (working on it now). Soooo, which challenge has been your favourite so far? #NTNA2015 #NTNAtop11 #NTNAtop12 #NTNAtop10 #NTNACelina #NAILSNTNA #NAILSNTNATOP12 @nailsmagazine @cndworld @shmeth #teamswedishnailmafia