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The challenge five video is now ready and waiting to be published… This week you won’t be getting the usual “happy” video though. It’s very personal and I’m basically pouring my heart out, but my wish is that it in someway can help others who have been in similar situations. This week is sponsored by @bioseaweedgel and they asked us to create something that symbolises “Unity”, doing 3D and using only gel. I’m really excited to show you my piece but kind of nervous at the same time because of the meaning behind it. It will go public on Monday and don’t forget to subscribe (YouTube.com/celinaryden) G’nite and loads of love! #NTNATop9 #NAILSNTNA #NTNABSG #BioSeaweedGel #NTNACelina #NAILSNTNA #NAILSNTNATOP12 @nailsmagazine @cndworld @shmeth #teamswedishnailmafia @nailartbysig @bioseaweedgel