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Ten pieces so far into the competition! The things you learn – it’s CRAZY!! It’s like a super nail boot camp! I would never have leaned this much in this short amount of time if I wasn’t a part of this competition. I’m totally exhausted, I’ve been working EVERYDAY for the last eight or nine weeks, starting when I open my eyes and finish when I close them – but it’s totally worth it!!! If you’re thinking about participate next year – do it!! So, which challenge/piece has been you favorite so far? From top left to bottom right: Pre-challenge one “Cover Artist”, pre-challenge two “Tag line”, Bob the Unicorn (extra assignment for the magazine), Pure Diva, All Fun & Games, Haut Couture, L.A Legend, Unison, Skyline, The Next Picasso #NTNATop5 #NTNACelina #NAILSNTNA #NAILSNTNATOP12 @nailsmagazine @cndworld @shmeth #teamswedishnailmafia