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Aaaaaan they glow in he dark!! NAILS NEXT TOP NAIL ARTIST – CHALLENGE 8 – “ROCKY HORROR HALLOWEEN” The video tutorial is up on my YouTube! Link in bio (http://youtu.be/tGWLvFeBzeY) This week Gelish asked us to create a Halloween design inspired by the movie “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. I decided to take it up a notch and create something unique but still sticking to the feeling of the movie and of course the spirit of Halloween!! I really hope you like it! You can vote today starting at 5 pm (PST) and here’s the link: http://www.nailsmag.com/nexttopnailartist/2015/challenges/week-8gelish #NAILSNTNA #NTNAGelish #Gelish #NTNAyourname #GelishOfficial #MakeThemGelish #NTNATop5 #NAILSNTNA #NTNACelina #NAILSNTNA #NAILSNTNATOP12 @nailsmagazine @cndworld @shmeth #teamswedishnailmafia @nailartbysig @beaute_asylum @janarnoldcnd @gelish_official