Workshops in Belgium – Video Part 2

Celina in Belgium



Hello and happy Sunday! So, I’ve been working on part two for the Belgium trip and here it is! All fresh and smoking hot! In this video I also added some pictures I found on Instagram under the hashtag #celinabelgium, so if you want to see more pictures from the students, you should really go ahead and check that out. Loads of funny stuff!


This trip was by far THE best experience I’ve had since I started working in this industry ten years ago. I really hope this is one of many trips to Antwerpen / MONAI and I would love to meet all the amazing and sweet students soon again. <3

But enough talking and more videoing! Hope you’ll enjoy it and please leave a comment here on the blog or at my Youtube channel! And oh, I would also love to hear your requests about the next video so hit me with your thoughts. : )


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