Day trip to Nynäshamn


Today we took a trip with our speed boat to Nynäshamn. A small marina in the Swedish archipelago. Martin loves taking trips with the boat, the bouncing when we hit the waves however, not so popular. But when we reach our destination, all is forgotten and everything is super mega awesomesauce exciting! 😉 
We jumped right into our favorite restaurant “Kroken”, however they changed the management since last time and the food was just awful! Such a disappointment… It will probably take a while until we visit there again. 
To make up for the crappy food, we visit an ice cream hutt and got ourselves a huge frozen yoghurt instead! De-Li-Cious! 
Now we’re back home just chillin on the porch. As usual. 😉 Me and C tried out a new PS4 game called “A Wolf Among Us” last night and it’s really good so we’ll probably get into that in a couple of hours. That’s actually one thing that not many people know about me, I LOVE video games!! 

But now I’m just going to go back to do absolutely nothing… 😉

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