Surgery and sleepless nights


Hey guys, things have been kind of intense the last couple of days… On Friday evening we noticed that Martin was a bit off and when he later went to bed I discovered that his skin and gums were all red and he was boiling hot. We first thought that he had been in the sun for too long and was dehydrated so we tried to give him some water and then watched him over the night. 

When we woke up on Saturday the redness has gone down but he was in a very bad shape. He didn’t want to move and he was clearly very affected by something as he also had thrown up in the bed during the night. Then Christian noticed a large swelling on the right side of the tail (on the leg/rear) and we got terrified that he might had been bitten by a snake. We rushed in to the animal hospital and we were immediately sent to the infection center. 
They started by shaving the area where the swelling was and it looked just awful. I can’t even imagine the horrible pain he had been dealing with. The swelling was really large and the area all red and blue. They told us that they suspected a fistula (a boil due to a really bad anal sac infection) and the had to take him in and do surgery. 

After a couple of excruciating hours we got a phone call and they told us that the surgery was over and that the boil had been huge but now removed. He was still anestethized but they were just about to wake him up. We picked him up at about 7 pm and my heart just shattered in a thousand pieces. The wound looked like something out of a Saw movie and he was very disoriented and nervous. When we came home we had to place a towel under him wherever he wanted to lay down since there were still coming out blood from the wound.

I didn’t get much sleep that night. C slept on the sofa and we placed a lot of towels on his side of the bed where Martin could sleep. However, I had to sleep with one eye open so that I could move the towels around whenever he wanted to change his sleeping spot. He was also still very confused and hallucinated from the anesthetic so I kept one hand on him during the entire night.
The next day I got up early to buy his medicines and after that we’ve just been watching over him, making sure he eats and drinks a lot of water. Yesterday he still had a fever but I think it passed during the night. The toughest part is when we have to go out to do a number two. He’s just in so much pain and my heart breaks every time.
However, even if it’s a slow process, he is getting better and better. We have to keep him on medication for a week, wash the wound twice a day and just let him relax as much as possible. We try to watch him all the time so he at least don’t have to wear the “lamp of shame” and just make sure that he doesn’t lick the shaved area on the legs where the drains were placed and the wound at the back. But he has been really good and we just needed to tell him a couple of times in the beginning.
Fortunately I’m still on my vacation so he can stay home and rest with me. We’ll keep on fighting and I’ll keep you posted. <3

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