Martin update


So, I wanted to give you a little update on Matin and his recovery. It’s been a couple of really tough days… He has been in a lot of pain and spent most of his time in his box just wanting to be alone.
I’ve been feeding him from the hand, making sure he drinks a lot of water even if I had to bring the water bowl into the box and giving him antibiotics and painkillers three times a day. The first days he didn’t even want to go out to just take a quick walk around the house and doing a number two is of course just horrifying for him.
However, things have finally started to turn! We did a check-up visit at the animal hospital yesterday and they said that the wound looked great! He has finally started to gain some energy and yesterday he actually slept in the bed with us again. He also did some quick visits outside of the box and today, so far, he has been with me in the sofa since we woke up.

We also notice a lot of change is his behavior, like wagging his tale, wants to kiss us in the face and trying to play a little. Right now he’s sleeping next to me in the couch. My little sweetheart. I’m just so relieved that he’s getting better, even if they’re small steps. The question is though if he will accept the fact that he can’t continue having breakfast with chicken in the sofa, all cuddled up in the covers from the bed when he’s back to normal…. 😉

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