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Ten pieces so far into the competition! The things you learn – it’s CRAZY!! It’s like a super nail boot camp! I would never have leaned this much in this short amount of time if I wasn’t a part of this competition. I’m totally exhausted, I’ve been working EVERYDAY for the last eight or nine weeks, starting when I open my eyes and finish when I close them – but it’s totally worth it!!! If you’re thinking about participate next year – do it!! So, which challenge/piece has been you favorite so far? From top left to bottom right: Pre-challenge one “Cover Artist”, pre-challenge two “Tag line”, Bob the Unicorn (extra assignment for the magazine), Pure Diva, All Fun & Games, Haut Couture, L.A Legend, Unison, Skyline, The Next Picasso #NTNATop5 #NTNACelina #NAILSNTNA #NAILSNTNATOP12 @nailsmagazine @cndworld @shmeth #teamswedishnailmafia


3 thoughts on “Instalife

  1. I love them all! Can’t imagine how exhausted you are but its so fun to watch you in this competition! Thanks for sharing the journey… Oh and would totally wear the all fun and games set ️

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