“It’s your problem if you miss out on an appointment – I’ll charge you anyway!”

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Hahahahaha, omg I laughed SO HARD when I read this headline!! XD XD XD Magazines / news sites really know how to create a good one! 😉 This is actually a post I made two years ago, it’s about respecting other people’s time and cancelation policies. I never said it like that though but hey, I guess it will make people read it! 😉


For some reason this blog post went viral two days ago and I ended up with 110 000 hits on that post on one day which is just hilarious! I’m glad the discussion is brought up again though. It’s an important subject and I know that there’s a lot of nail techs or self-employed people out there being run over by clients who don’t respect their time. For us, time is money even if its a cliche saying. Most people get their paycheque at the end of the month no matter what and those people can have a really hard time understanding that it dosen’t work like that for everyone.


Thankfully, after these two years I have the most AMAZING clientele and I appreciate them so much! I know that if them miss out on an appointment (sometimes life happens, sometimes you have a lot in your head and you miss out) they know what that means for my business and they’ll be devastated because they know that they might not get another appointment until next month because of my schedule. I know that they would NEVER miss an appointment intentionally and if they are sick, they are REALLY sick! As I also said in my first post, sometimes I can look past that because they are all my regulars now. We help each other out, but you can ONLY do so if you know that you have your client’s 100% respect!


Most of the times I don’t even have to say anything, they just come in and pay whatever they own me and that’s all there is to it. They know they screwed up and they want to make right for themselves and then we go back to have an awesome time together. 🙂 I’m not that kind of person who will hold it against them, I’m just as human as them and they know I have A LOT going on right now and that my time is very valuable at the moment. At the same time, after two years I pretty much know everything about their lives and it’s of course a matter of discretion. In the end, if your clients have just as equal respect for your time as you have for their (provided that you respect their time to 100% as well), you have a healthy and good approach/attitude when it comes to your business.


You can read the article HERE

And the original blog post HERE

(and don’t forget to read the comments, pretty entertaining 😉 )

(both in Swedish though)

B-day party and henna



Last Friday we celebrated my RAW buddy Elin on her 27:th birthday! We sat in the “Vitabergsparken” (a park in Stockholm) and had rawcake and chai toffee handmade by Elin herself and then of course I had to do a b-day henna for her. 🙂 I also got her an angel card deck with unicorns since we’re both into “new age stuff”, and because of the fact that she’s actually a unicorn born in a human body, I had no other choice than to give her the unicorn themed one. 😉





“Kräftskiva” with the Linda Vista crew


Wow, I has such an amazing time yesterday! I returned to Stockholm from Muskö around 1 pm and then met up with my new collegaues from the salon Linda Vista at Nybrokajen in the middle of Stockholm (kind of a city marina). At 5.30 pm we were picked up by Linda, her husband Pär and their two children and started our boat trip cruising on the “Djurgårskanalen” (a canal going straight though one of the most beautiful places in Stockholm), passing by Lidingö (the Island where I grew up) and all the way to Danderyd. After about 45 min, we parked the boat right outside Linda’s and Pär’s house where dinner was waiting. And not just any dinner – a crayfish party!!! I’m totally obsessed with crayfish and it’s a huge thing here in Sweden, especially in August. During the evening we were entertained by a troubadour, took profile pictures for the website, did a quiz walk (which me and my quiz walk buddy totally won), and just chatted and laughed the night away.

I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing crew! It’s such a blessing to be able to have this much fun with your colleagues. Looking forward many more cozy and fun moments with Linda Vista! <3