New Youtube video: Follow me around!

Follow me around!

Hey guys! In this video I take you with me and show you what a day in Celina’s life can look like (if you want to of course 😉 ). But I warn you – you will be witness an accident. A horrible, heartbreaking accident! Well, maybe it’s not that bad, but you will be hearing a lot of swearing. Sorry about that.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel! ; )

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Video: Get to know me tag!

Celina on Youtube

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Time for a new Youtube video! Since I just relaunched the channel I thought it would be fun to do a “Get to know me” video before we move on to the juicy stuff. ; ) (and with juicy I of course mean gel color swatches, tutorials, henna videos, etc).

This is my first time filmning a video like this and it’s also the first time filming a video like this with my camera so there are things to work on. For some reason the camera turns off after ten minutes and also deletes a couple of minutes before shutting down. Unfortunately some questions were lost due to this problem but I promise you that I’ll fix it until next video.

And thank you so much for all of your questions! Please check out my Instagram for daily updates of my work and if you want to paticipate in any future Q&A’s/Get to know me/or other theme videos. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel and if you want to you can actually also subscribe to my blog *wink *wink

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Workshops in Belgium – Video Part 2

Celina in Belgium



Hello and happy Sunday! So, I’ve been working on part two for the Belgium trip and here it is! All fresh and smoking hot! In this video I also added some pictures I found on Instagram under the hashtag #celinabelgium, so if you want to see more pictures from the students, you should really go ahead and check that out. Loads of funny stuff!


This trip was by far THE best experience I’ve had since I started working in this industry ten years ago. I really hope this is one of many trips to Antwerpen / MONAI and I would love to meet all the amazing and sweet students soon again. <3

But enough talking and more videoing! Hope you’ll enjoy it and please leave a comment here on the blog or at my Youtube channel! And oh, I would also love to hear your requests about the next video so hit me with your thoughts. : )


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Workshops in Belgium – Video Part 1

Celina in Belgium


Hi hello and welcome back to my blog! It has sure been a while since the last time so I thought I would kick start it all by posting part one of my Belgium vlog! I had the most AMAZING time ever and Belgium will always have a very special place in my heart for sure.

We did three classes at MONAI, owned by Ruth Deruddere who also was awarded as the best host in Belgium (by me of course ; ) ). All three classes were fully booked in only FOUR hours after releasing the dates and the students were so talented and hungry to learn! I really enjoyed every second of their company and I can’t wait to return as soon as possible!

We stayed in the super cute town Antwerpen and Ruth showed me and Karin, the swedish distributor for Light Elegance, around the first day. I really loved the atmosphere and the buildings. It kind of reminded me of Gothenburg and Stockholm Old Town a bit. The first night me, Ruth and Karin had dinner at the hotel we were staying at and then the classes started at 9.30 am the next morning.

One thing that I also need to mention is the FOOD!! Ruth had catered lunch arranged every day for us and  all of the students and it was sooo good! We even had desert with cake, chocolates and champagne every day! I don’t even want to look at the scale now for a couple of months…

So, with that said I really hope you’ll enjoy the video! Watch out for part number two as well so don’t forget to subscribe to my relaunched Youtube channel!

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